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Child Custody Modification

One of the only certainties of life is that things change, and sometimes, that ends up making custody orders unworkable for parents. When they are, it’s necessary to go back to court to seek a modification of a parenting plan.

As with any custody matters, modification cases can be complex, high-stakes, and contentious. Whether you are trying to modify a parenting plan or block a modification, there’s a lot on the line, and an attorney can make all the difference in the strength and success of your case. When you need an aggressive, knowledgeable lawyer in your corner, you need a Red Bank custody attorney at Dwyer, Bachman, Newman & Solop Attorneys at Law.

How to Seek a Custody Modification in Monmouth County, NJ

Once a family court has issued custody orders, there must be a substantial change in a parent’s or legal guardian’s circumstances in order for the court to consider (and grant) a modification. The reason for this is that courts want to preserve as much stability as possible for children. They do not want to alter custody arrangements unless it is absolutely necessary because those arrangements no longer serve the child’s best interests.

Specifically, those seeking modifications of child custody will have to demonstrate:

     1. What changed in their life since the custody orders were granted
     2. How the life change(s) have had (or will have) a negative impact on the existing custody orders and the child’s       best interests

Grounds for Requesting a Child Custody Modification in Monmouth County
Some of the specific life changes that can qualify as grounds for custody modifications in New Jersey courts include:
  • The relocation of one or both parents.
  • One parent is refusing to honor the existing parenting plan.
  • One parent has been incarcerated or charged with certain types of crimes.
  • One parent is cohabitating with a new adult could have a negative impact on the child.
  • One parent has started school and/or a new job, causing a major and permanent shift in his or her schedule.
  • One parent has been diagnosed with a serious health impairment that makes it impossible for him or her to care for the child.
  • A child is starting a new school (as in the case of when previous custody arrangements were made for very young children, as infants or toddlers).
  • There are new allegations and/or evidence of addiction and/or abuse.
  • The child is now old enough to state his or her preferences, and those differ from the existing custody arrangement.

Types of Custody Modifications in New Jersey

Many custody modification cases center on questions of physical custody and whether that should be redistributed between the parents. Some modification cases, however, may involve other issues related to altering parenting plans, including motions to:
  • Enforce parental rights: This includes the right to visitation, parenting time, and/or decision-making authority for a child. It can also include the right to not have the other parent badmouth him or her to the child. Modifications can ask the court to change a parenting plan if one parent has allegedly not been complying with it.
  • Relocate a child: Relocations can include in or out-of-state moves that will make it difficult for parents to abide by the parenting plan. While the courts will focus on the child’s best interests, they usually also try to maintain parenting time with both parents, as long as they have a healthy, loving relationship with the child (along with other factors coming into play).
  • Alter support payments: When modification requests involve drastic changes to parenting time, they may also ask the court to change the child support payments accordingly. For example, a parenting paying child support may ask for that support to be reduced as part of a modification request for more parenting time with a child.
Each of these different types of custody modification cases can raise unique issues and challenges. No matter what side of the dispute you are on, our Red Bank custody attorneys can present an effective case on your behalf.

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You may only have one chance to present your case for or against a custody modification. Make sure you have one of our Red Bank custody lawyers in your corner, helping you:
  • Anticipate and overcome the potential challenges in your case
  • Balance your emotional and financial needs so you determine the best strategies
  • Stay focused on the big picture and the options that support your child(ren)’s best interests
  • Present a strong case while seeking the best possible outcome
We ready to help you protect what matters most—your child, as well as your time and your relationship with your child. Let us tell you more about how we can help you during a confidential, no-obligation consultation.


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