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Child Relocation

Life can change pretty quickly, and sometimes, that means parents have to make big moves to new areas. If a custodial parent needs to move and the noncustodial parent does not have a problem with that, the courts don’t need to get involved. Parents are encouraged to work out adjustments to their parenting plans on their own whenever possible.

Whenever there are objectives to child relocations, however, it is necessary to go back to court to establish why the relocation should—or should not—happen.

The Monmouth County custody attorneys at Dwyer, Bachman, Newman & Solop Attorneys at Law have vast experience representing parents in child relocation cases. We understand how important your time with your child is, and we know how to present persuasive cases that help protect our clients’ interests in even the most complex relocation disputes.

What Does the Court Consider When Making Decisions for Child Relocation Requests?

New Jersey family courts are focused on promoting children’s best interests whenever they take on custody matters, including relocation cases.

To that end, judges often make decisions that preserve stability and continuity in a child’s life, along with loving child-parent relationships. While that has traditionally made the bar fairly high for getting relocation claims granted in New Jersey courts, recent findings have changed the way judges consider these requestions.

In fact, studies showing that children can thrive when custodial parents are thriving have paved the way for courts to be more open to considering child relocation requests. These days, family judges will now look at a series of factors when deciding whether to grant to deny a petition to relocate a child. These factors can include (and are not limited to):
  • The reasons for and against the relocation
  • Whether or the extent to which the history between the parents is a factor in the dispute
  • Whether the child will have the same or better opportunities in the new location when compared to the current situation
  • Whether any special needs the child may have will be properly accommodated in the new location
  • Whether relocation precludes or still allows visitation and communication between the non-custodial parent and the child
  • Whether the custodial parent seems likely to encourage the child’s relationship with the noncustodial parent after the move
  • The impact the relocation may have on the child’s relationship with other relatives
  • The child’s wishes, if he or she is mature enough to explain his or her preferences to the court
  • The age, health, and fitness of both parents
  • Any history of abuse or domestic violence in either household
  • Any other factor that could impact the child’s best interests

What Do Parents Have to Prove in a Child Relocation Request?

If the custodial parent can show that the relocation request has been made in good faith and that the move is in the child’s best interests, the court can be inclined to grant the request. For a noncustodial parent to win an objection and get a child relocation request denied, he or she would have to show that the request was not made in good faith and/or that the move would not be in the child’s best interest.

To this, character witnesses and expert witnesses, like child psychologists, may prove helpful to the petitioner and/or the respondent. So too can court records, employment records, financial records, and much more.

While there may be an array of evidence that can support either side in these cases, things can get complicated and heated very fast, especially when there is a history of issues between parents. No matter what side of that fight you are on, you need a top-notch custody attorney who can guide, counsel, and advocate for you every step of the way. You need a Red Back child relocation lawyer at Dwyer, Bachman, Newman & Solop Attorneys at Law.

Get Fierce Representation for a Child Relocation Case: Contact Us

When it’s time to pursue or challenge a child relocation request, time is of the essence, and our lawyers can take swift action to file motions, assert your rights, and get ready for court. The truth is that you may only have one chance to prove your case. Our team, backed by more than a century of family law experience, can build you a strong, effective case while helping you at every step going forward.

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From explaining your best options to helping you anticipate and overcome the challenges ahead, our Red Bank custody attorneys provide comprehensive, client-focused service and extraordinary representation. That means balancing our clients’ emotional and financial needs, helping them pursue their best options, and advising them at every juncture. It also means fiercely championing their rights and striving to bring their case to the best possible resolution.

So, don’t have to face these high-stakes, complex custody cases alone. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner we can start supporting, guiding, and advocating for you.


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